Professional Building and Construction Project Management

At Insight Unlimited, our team has delivered on a range of private and commercial projects; from bespoke engineered homes and historic restorations, to large scale commercial builds.

We have accumulated years of experience which allow us to add value with insurer and multi-stakeholder negotiations to develop truly innovative, cost effective design and construction solutions that do not compromise on quality.

  • Project Management - Total Project Delivery
  • Time, Cost and Quality Control
  • Budgeting and Estimation
  • Health and Safety Consultancy
  • Building and Resource Consent Consultation
  • Insurer Negotiations 

Building and project management services

When it comes to building projects, an experienced and reliable construction manager is essential. Even smaller scale jobs require careful consideration and coordination of services; electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other tradespeople often need to be brought in, and without someone to oversee the project things can quickly become complicated!

Why should you utilise a professional construction management team for your next project?

There are many benefits to hiring a professional on site building construction management team. First and foremost, it will remove the stress and hassle of having to oversee a project personally; we oversee the job from start to finish, ensuring the desired result is achieved. We also have strong working relationships with a number of quality contractors, allowing us to select those that best fit the job at hand – and your budget. Building projects also have a tendency to get out of hand in terms of time and money; we work hard to keep everything moving, ensuring the project is completed on time and within budget.

When you hire a project manager to oversee your construction work, they will:

  • Find and hire subcontractors
  • Schedule the subs and monitor their work
  • Troubleshoot any job-site issues that arise
  • Review any change order requests
  • Help with cost estimating
  • Help with any permits and inspection required
  • Negotiate material discounts for the best deals
  • Order materials and inspect deliveries to assure quality
  • Review bills and other paperwork

Whether it is a private bespoke project or a large scale commercial build, we have the expertise and manpower to ensure it is completed to the highest standard. If you are planning to hire a project manager for building and construction work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Historic building restoration services

Alongside offering project management for building construction, we are also able to oversee building restorations. Our team has extensive experience when it comes to restoring a wide range of different buildings – from those just a few decades old, through to heritage-listed structures that require a little extra care.

To date, we have worked on a number of historic building restoration projects – including Riccarton House, the Mona Vale Homestead and the Jubilee Clock Tower, just to name a few. Each of these projects required a slightly different approach depending on the era, architectural style and level of damage. We took the time to sit down with our clients and gain an in depth understanding of the building itself and our client’s vision for its future. This allowed us to begin each project with a clear vision in terms of the outcome; in all cases, we were able to complete the reconstruction to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

You may want to see our completed Historic Building Restoration Projects to learn more!

Whether it’s a period home in need of a little TLC, or a landmark building that requires complete reconstruction works, Insight’s building restoration services should be your first port of call.

A tailored approach

No two construction projects are the same. Private and commercial jobs often come with different considerations, as do new builds versus heritage restorations. No matter the job at hand, you can count on Insight to have the necessary experience to get the job done. We don’t make assumptions; we take the time to sit down at the start of each project and gain an in depth understanding of the job at hand. This allows us to get a firm handle on the functional and aesthetic requirements, as well as the budget and timeframe.

Whether you are searching for a construction project manager or a company that offers a heritage building restoration service, Insight Unlimited is your leading choice. Backed by extensive experience, we’re passionate about what we do. If you have a project that requires an expert’s touch, contact our team today on 03 355 7480 or 027 242 3877.

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Edmonds Clock Tower